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Any particular week can have you in the heat of the rut and bugle season, which is undeniably the most thrilling of elk hunting. This is top-notch bow country with mostly lodgepole timber and small open meadows, great for stalking and bugling. This remote area offers high elk populations and low hunting pressure. This hunt is accessed by horseback to our very comfortable base camp, and trust me, once you've had a 900 lb bull elk come screaming and thrashing at 25 yards, you'll be hooked for life.

Our guides are bowhunters who are very knowledgeable and experienced in the Sapphire Mountains and can take clients to appropriate areas where bow hunting is the greatest. We always field dress, cape and pack out any game that has been taken. It is our job to ensure you the best quality hunt anywhere. Hunting is open for either sex Elk, White-Tail Buck or Doe, and Mule Deer Buck by draw.

Two Bear Outfitters embraces the challenges of archery hunting. There is nothing in the world like calling and engaging a trophy bull on their own terms. Over the years we have taken many bulls with persistence and dedication to the art of elk calling. We take special pride in our strategy and work ethics both in the field, and practicing in the off season.

We take our calling seriously and it shows come autumn. Since all the guides are also archery hunters, including the outfitter, we know precisely what it takes to get the bull where we need him. We evaluate our setups, call scenarios, travel routes, feeding areas, and wallow activity after every day afield.

We also take great pride in showing and teaching our hunters whatever they want to know. It is common place for us to explain what we are doing, what we are saying, and why we are making the calls we are. One fully-guided hunt with Two Bear Outfitters can take years off the learning curve for new elk hunters!

We understand the value of persistence when archery hunting. Many pieces and parts have to come together for a bull to be taken, and we are committed to making that dream a reality. Every outfitter has their own philosophy and culture with regard to archery elk hunting.

At Two Bear Outfitters we believe that aggressive hunting and calling techniques are the most effective. We do not sit on the ridge and "hope" we get a response. We go out and make sure we get a response.

We do not hang around camp and hunt the mornings and evenings, we run ridges dropping locates to find the bulls, and in the midday typically set up on one of the many wallows our area affords.

We are very aggressive elk hunters and believe that concept is fundamental to success in the field. That doesn't mean you have to hike several miles a day, but you do have to be ready to go. It is very common to hear bulls bugling all night right from your tent in camp!

We know that not all archers are prepared for the rigors of ridge running and hole dropping. For those folks who simply cannot physically do that type of hunt, we have many blinds on wallows, and elk action very close to camp. We can accommodate any skill level or physical limitations.

We ask only that we know up front what you think you can do, and we can plan a hunt accordingly. The thrill of taking a huge bull with archery tackle is second to none, and we want all participants to have a great shot at this feeling.

At Two Bear, we spend most of the year talking about, pursuing, or watching elk. When not on the mountain, we are attending seminars, exchanging notes, and talking about calling.

When you pay your hard earned money for a guided archery elk hunt, you deserve to have guides and staff that know precisely what they are doing. You deserve to hunt with professionals who take their job seriously, and have great pride in their calling ability.

While we can't guarantee a trophy bull, we can guarantee that every effort will be given on our clients' behalf. So come and join us and discover the thrill of a high mountain backcountry elk camp. As always, we are willing to talk elk!!

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