Planning a Trip

Some things to consider as you plan your archery and rifle hunts, your camping and fishing trips, and your laid-back trail rides.

There’s excellent hunting year-round in Area 270, and here’s what you’ll need to maximize the fun of Your Montana Hunting Experience.


Hunting Gear

Have a look at our recommendations for how to keep yourself warm, dry, and comfortable when you’re out on the hunt or relaxing in camp.

Your Checklist


Day Pack Supplies

Failing to prepare for all contingencies could put a damper on your excursion, so it’s best to carry a proper, compact day pack in the woods.

Your Checklist

Two Bear Outfitters’ Refund Policy

As of November, 2010, Montana voters abolished the outfitter sponsored tag via I-161 voter initiative. While Two Bear Outfitters did not support or agree with this law, the fact is we have changed our policy to conform to it.

As such, Two Bear Outfitters will give booked clients a choice with regard to their down payment if they failed to receive a tag via the draw. They may roll their down payment into the next year’s hunt, or receive a check for the full amount back upon completion of the draw.

Refunds will only be distributed for medical emergencies and draw failure.

We will require verification of such before a refund check is released. Please understand that when a hunt is booked, we are unable to book that spot. If somebody pulls out of their hunt, it costs us the money for that hunt if we cannot re-book their spot.

We hire staff, shoe horses, buy food and equipment, and set up tents all based on our bookings. Cancelations are difficult to overcome for all outfitters.

The Two Bear Outfitters Staff


Jacket, warm heavy (Fall/Winter)

(Quiet Material!)

Jacket, warm lightweight (Spring/Summer)

(Quiet Material!)

Hat, heavy
Hat, lightweight
Gloves, two sets

Rain gear

Sturdy hiking boots, two pair

Camp shoes

Warm sleeping bag

Socks and underwear

(one set for each day)

Orange vest, 400 sq. in.

(Quiet Material!)

Lighters & Matches

Water Bottle


Utility Knife

Small Flashlight & Batteries

Two Headlamps & Batteries


Flagging Ribbon

Rope or Paracord, 20 ft.

Basic First-aid Kit

Toilet Paper, in plastic baggie

Camera & Extra Film