Guided & Semi-Guided Montana Elk Hunting Trips

At Two Bear Outfitters, LLC., our philosophy is simple: To provide our clients with a safe experience they will never forget. While the philosophy is simple, the achievement of such isn't.

Many, many man hours go into camp long before the first hunter arrives, and long after the last one leaves. We scout nearly year-round, and the livestock upkeep is neverending.

Archery Elk Hunts with Two Bear OutfittersThis is our business, this is what we do. We do it for the love of the country, the pursuit of the game, and just being out there. We are not cowboys, we are outfitters and guides. We are not businessmen looking to make a quick buck. We understand the time and money our clients put into a hunt of this nature.

We are absolutely committed to providing you every service we say we will because it is the Montana way. You don't have to take our word for it, as we have plenty of references for years past all the way up to last season.

While we understand the pressure an outfitted hunt has on our clients, we also encourage clients to enjoy the hunt itself. The thrill of the Rockies, the chill of the morning air, the sounds of bulls bugling as you put your head down at night.

We guide in a magical place, and we have found that the clients who get the most out of their hunt do not get over a bull they kill, but being surrounded by the natural beauty of this place.

Any time you consider booking a hunt, you must consider the guides as well as the outfit. Our guides are not 20-year-old guide school kids from back east. They live for the hunt and to put our clients on the game they seek. Our guides utilize the years of experience and dedication to giving you the Montana Hunting Experience of a lifetime.

All of our guides both archery hunt and rifle hunt with success. We understand the special circumstances with archery hunters and we embrace the challenges. Our guides work hard and have never found a mountain they can't climb or a hole they won't go in on the clients behalf. We have the references to back this up. Our guides are licensed by the State of Montana and are CPR-certified.

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Until you have experienced the absolute joy of a classic western elk hunting trip, you haven't lived!

Our camps are lacking nothing, and after 28 years of being in the same place, we have pretty much figured it out. In the base camp, you will return after a day of hunting with the smell of supper cooking on the stove.

Our camp cook does a great job, and keeps clients coming back year after year. You will enjoy food like roast beef smothered in gravy, mashed potatoes, home made rolls, three bean salad and peach pie made from scratch!! We hold nothing back feeding our clients the way they deserve to be fed.

We not only have great amenities including a hot shower in a heated tent, but our camps are located in prime elk habitat. Our drop camp doesn't include a cook, but the food is still great and supplied by us. Drop camp is also in great elk habitat and has every bit as many elk as base camp.


This question is one that many hunters ask. What is a fair tip for guided elk hunts? By industry standards, a fair tip is 15% of your hunt cost. 10% to your guide, and 5% split between cook and packer/wrangler. Some folks wonder why it is they should tip, and the answer is simply this: We strive to keep cost down and by pricing a hunt we give our clients some control over cost. We could increase our hunt cost and include gratuities, but we leave that decision up to our hunters. Our guides always go above and beyond expectations, and most hunters appreciate that whether or not they were successful. After the last hunter is home and enjoying his family, our staff is still on the mountain braving the snow and packing mules out.