Message From the Outfitter for 2018

Greetings to all from Alan, family, and the Two Bear staff. The 2018 booking season is upon us and as usual we are taking calls and booking spots. Next year we are recommending the folks purchase the preference point from MFWP to ensure your drawing success. The Elk Combo was again 100% in 2017, however, to be sure the PP is recommended. We have added some exciting opportunities for 2018 including the permitted “bivy” hunt for those hard core elk hunters. We have also added the “outfitters hunt” were I will personally guide those who select the outfitters hunt.

Over the years many folks have joined us who really wanted to learn to hunt elk. I personally believe that an archery hunt booked with the right outfitter can literally takes years off the learning curve for inspiring new elk hunters. We have had folks start with a fully guided hunt, move to semi-guided the next year, and on into drop camp or DIY route for year three with success. If you are wanted to learn how to archery hunt elk, we are receptive to teaching what we know. What calls to make and when, locating elk and habitat, evaluating approaches and plays, hunting non-vocal elk, timing, tactics, and a host of other things are all learned skills. I will be teaching courses through the winter at BVA Archery in Florence, MT on elk philosophy, tactics, calling, etc in the Higher Level Archery course. You can also follow my blog: Western Exposure, with Great Days Outdoors magazine. If a “learning” hunt is something you are interested in, I would recommend the “outfitters hunt” where I would be your personal guide. We are looking forward to the 2018 season!

Thank You,

Alan Carter, Outfitter, Two Bear Outfitters

Call Alan Carter at Two Bear Outfitters, LLC., 406-375-8453

Alan Carter
MT OUT LIC #29967
360 Oertli Lane, Hamilton, MT 59840